This is the description of Convenient PVC Fence
The Portable fence is convenient to install and take away,it is used as safety fence, temporary road fence etc 


1.Low maintenance ,no painting or staining,easy to clean for people 

3.more durable than wood fence

4.Easy to iinstall fence, installation of the posts and horizontal rails. 

5.No exposed nails, screws, or brackets,Designed for safety use

6.Contains no toxic chemicals

7.Environmentally friendly

8.Available in white, tan and Greycolor, if special color needed ,also could provide

9.Optional rail lock system holds fence rails firmly in place

10. customize size is available 


Standard Size drawing:

regular plastic packaging
Pallet Packaging
Carton Packaging

 Factory pictures:

Production Line 1
Production Line 2
Germany machines
Show room 

 Our Services:

  1. before purchasing, we provide details drawing and quotation, design size based on your landscape and needs.
  2. Excellent shipping company and services ,exporting and importing process instructions will be provided, so if no experience of importing ,no worry
  3. The installation instructions will be provided anytime during installing
  4. We could provide warranty, any problems, could contact our sales anytime to solve.


 1. What is Jovyea Vinyl fence?
        Jovyea vinyl fence profile: It is made from rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Resin, and other critical ingredients such as UV inhibitors, impact modifiers and
stabilizers. Using only premium grade raw materials, the formulation is built upon advanced technical experience in the PVC industry(Pvc window, doors, panels, fences). This gives the material long-te

rm durability, flexibility , weather ability, and low maintenance.
        Jovyea  fence: Cuts the wide variety of profiles to the proper length for the design of fence required. Then routes holes into the rails, so that picket

s can be inserted into them, then holes are routed into the posts so that the rails can be inserted into them.The fabricator assembles the completed fence sections, put the rail into post, the picket

into rail, and post and picket cap. At last, fabricator install the fence.

2. Will Jovyea vinyl fence yellow?
        Jovyea fence use a superior durable grade and high content (10 parts per 100 parts) of non-chalking TiO2(titanium dioxide) and ultraviolet inhibitors that pr

otects the vinyl (PVC) from the harmful effects of the Suns UV rays. As long as your fence is kept clean, with a periodic wash from a garden hose, it will not turn yellow. 

Yes. The weathering process is completely natural and doesn’t negatively impact the product. Typically, sometime after installation, the Fencing will fade to a lighter color,especially the
colored fence. Natural Weathering. The product receives heavy pigmentation during manufacturer to allow it to settle into a lighter shade when weathered. Under normal conditions, exposure to

sunlight and rain are typically required to achieve its weathered color. This process is completely harmless to products and does not affect the durability. The post caps and top rail will fade the f
astest because of their direct exposure to the elements. Because of their vertical orientation, the pickets and post faces may take considerably longer to fade. The “after-weathering” colo

r may be a little different from the colors shown on the Colors page. 
4. Do Jovyea vinyl fences and rails become brittle in winter?

        Vinyl become less flexible in colder weather conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break or crack. Huazhijie Vinyls components
are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we use to prevent breaking also help our components withstand cold weather conditions.

5. Will Jovyea vinyl fence crack, chip, peel, or rot?
        Jovyea Vinyl fence and railing are engineered to withstand surface cracking, chipping, peeling and rot for their full service life.

6. Will fence expand?
        Vinyl fencing will contract and expand according to the temperature. This is normal and expected, Your contractor will allow for expansion and contraction du

ring the installation process.
7. How do vinyl fences stand up to the wind?

        Jovyea vinyl fences are designed to withstand normal wind loads. The amount of load is dependent on the style of fence, installation of the posts and horizon
tal rails.

8. How long willJovyea Vinyl fences or railing last?
        Jovyea vinyl and composite are designed to make fences and railing to last a lifetime. All of our products carry a fully transferable, non-prorated lifetime

9. How does the cost of Jovyea vinyl fencing compare with traditional wood fences?

        The initial cost of vinyl (PVC) when compared to wood is slightly higher for the material costs in most regions of the country. However with the ever-increas

ing cost of wood this difference is becoming very minor in some regions. vinyls long-term, maintenance-free, durability more than makes up for that cost difference. When all the varied cost factors ar
e taken into account over the life of your fence, vinyl becomes the true money saver.

10. Do Jovyea Vinyl Fence come with a warranty?
        Yes. Our warranty lasts the lifetime of the original purchaser, and even covers materials (repair or replacement), and freight and labor costs.

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