An Unforgettable Trip
An Unforgettable Trip
An Unforgettable Trip
Apr 24, 2018
  • On April 25,2018,all employees of Zhejiang Jovyea Plastic Profile Co., Ltd. came to Anji on a shop trip.

  • The first stop is “China’s Big Bamboo Sea”, a forest land dominated by bamboo , the largest bamboo cultural and ecological recreation area in southeast China. Along the steep slope, our four-person foreign trade group climbed the mountain. We stood on the peak, overlooking the entire large bamboo sea, immersed in a green sea, quite spectacular.

  • The second station is the “Southern and Central Steppe,” which is a national 4A tourist attraction and is currently listed in the national 5A scenic spot cultivation list. It has become a comprehensive tourist attraction with three major themes: plant world, animal world and sports world. Upon entering the gate, we saw a variety of plants: large green lawns, camphor trees, and cherry blossom trees... Then we came to the "Animal World,"where there were fierce big lions, and a big monkey looking lonely at the sky ... The most unforgettable thing is the close contact with the giraffe. Never had a close contact with a giraffe. His long legs, big eyes and long eyelashes all make us envy. Of course, we also photographed with the giraffe.

  • At the end of the trip, everyone was happy back home. This is an unforgettable trip.

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