This is the description of PVC Temporary fence panels & portable event fencing

This portable version of our fencing is easy to assemble and dismantle, very durable, yet light and easy to transport and carry.

.Temporary is suitable fence shopping mall/racing event/activity, used as safety fence and crowed control fence.

Product Name:

PVC Temporary fence panels & portable event fencing



Neighbor-friendly design popular for shared lines/Decorate your home garden/keep animials away,keep safety


Customize size is available 


UV and UL94 certificate

Item—Picket Fence( JFB5) Length(mm/)    Qty for 1 set Note
Post(127*127mm) 1930 1  
Middle Rail(50.8*88.5mm) 2388 1  
Bottom Rail(50.8*88.5mm) 2388 1  
Rail Aluminum insert 2388 1  
picket(22.2*76.2mm) 1047 15  

New England Cap

External Flat Cap

Gothic Cap

Solar Cap


Though there no need to stain or pain the vinyl fence like wood fence, but some maintenance could keep it clean and durable. The Vinyl fencing often used outdoor, exposure to the sunshines and rains.So if you spend one afternoon in a year for a good cleaning for the plastic fence, then you will enjoy a more comfortable life in the rest of year.

If you have a power washing machine, then it is a quite easy job to clean. However, not every family has this kind of machines, no worry about it it, a garden hose, a gallon bucket , a soap and a brush will you to clean it . Here attached steps:

  1. Mix your cleaning solution in your bucket.
  2. Using your garden hose, wet one section of your vinyl fence.
  3. Soak your brush in your cleaning solution, and scrub any areas that show staining. You do not have to scrub every inch of the fence!
  4. Rinse off both the soap and the residue you’ve removed with your garden hose.
  5. Repeat this process section by section until the entire fence is clean.

It is common knowledge to clean, so it is so easy ,right? that's why more and more people are choosing PVC fencing now. 

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